Anticlique Vol. 7 Summer '18


Anticlique Vol. 7 Summer '18 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This Summer Vanna @jadedvanna93 is the cover with a sick air grab acid drop in Downtown LA, she also is featured on our spread section of Wild in the Streets, with 100% street skating, with the additional skaters Clarise @runswithbeer420, Karli @rollergoolie, Cissy @cissy_spankette,Caitlin @caitfish, Katie @bambibloodlust, Eli Perez @cuban.misselle & Kiana @kianayouwanna.

Learn more about the amazing Shreddaggedom, an event held in Melbourne, Australia. Article written by Samantha Trayhurn @marmaladeslam.

Special content of the Secret of Shadow Hill, an Anti Clique event hosted by the amazing Dita @mrs_muertos.

The Get-UP is our newest page, created by Katie @bambibloodlust, showcasing the most fashionable style for this summer.

And lastly we present Kathleen @skatexwytch as a new upcoming skater.