Anticlique Vol. 9 Spring '19


Heading into 2019, Anticlique puts out the first male skater on the cover as Travis Reynolds, who has been killing the game with insane airs and crazy grinds! Coming from Texas he has blown people’s minds all over the world and this gap to wall ride cover is no exception.

We are happy to bring you the first comprehensive trictionary of airs including photos of each air, brought to you by our resident air expert Jess Tredinnick aka @starlitexs.

This issue is also highlighting the two newest groups touring through the USA…

The Rollaways: Eli Perez aka @cuban.misselle and Lenny Gilmore (photographer) aka @lennygilmore who are at this moment rebuilding a van specifically to suit the best skate tour needs.

The Street Fighters: Karli Craig aka @rollergoolie answers your questions about the full-length skate video coming out this year featuring skaters from all your favorite skate crews.

And as always skater features, skate event reports and DIY builds from all corners of the earth.