Skate Camp East

Skate Camp East

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Roller Skate Camp at Woodward in Pennsylvania! September 4-6, 2020

Where roller skaters from all-over the world will come together through one common bond......


The #moxiskateteam offers over 100 roller skating classes at Woodward East Skate Camp in: ramp and bowl skating, dance skating, acrobatics, outdoor and hill bombing, vert, mini and launch ramp training, etc.

The facility. Woodward West in Woodward PA

This event is adults only! 18+

Meals and Lodging included.

You will be contacted by the Moxi Staff to get your room and board assignments and to tell you what to expect at camp once you have purchased your ticket.

The tentative schedule. Activities and Class Schedule still TBA

All skill levels welcome but must know skate basics i.e. skating forwards, backwards, turning and stopping, etc..

Use our Facebook event page for more updates and to coordinate transportation with other campers!