Moxi Mystery Box

$78.00 Regular price $135.00

Don’t we all love a MYSTERY!?

When you purchase a Mystery Box you get an assortment of products hand-picked by skaters. Not to mention you get 40% off products that would normally retail for up to $200!!! Now that's a deal any skater will love! 

Whether you want a Big Mystery or a Mini Mystery, this special product is the perfect way to find a unique gift for the skaters in your life this year. Our hope is this box helps keep you rolling with fun, colorful, and long-lasting products from our skater-run business!

Want a Hint?

Mini Mystery Box contains 3 fun and useful items for your skates, 2 things to wear, and 4 other must-have stocking stuffers! 

Big Mystery Box contains 4 essential items for your skates, 3 things to wear, and 6 other items handpicked to give you an assortment of both function and fun!