Jack 1 Estro Package - Black size 5.5


The Moxi Jack combines classic roller skate design with modern materials and features to create a high-performance boot designed to withstand the stresses of ramp, park, and aggressive street skating. This special Estro Package will make your Jack boot fully ready to shred with some of our favorite products!

We're offering this package at an insanely low price. These components sold separately would retail for $750+!

This package includes:

  • Jack boot and Sunlite plate
  • Stock Sunlite trucks
  • Natural Short Gumball adjustable toe stops
  • Moxi Trick Wheels - Tan 55m
  • Free Mounting Service ($75 value)!
  • Upgraded Kwik Zenith bearings ($35 value)!

You do NOT want to miss out on this wheely good deal!


Mounted skates are subject to unique warranty and return policies. Please be aware of this when placing your order.

      Note about our leather:
      The leather used in our roller skate boots is real, genuine bovine cowhide that is hand sorted and inspected for quality by eye and feel before we purchase and also before we cut it. The hair on the hide varies in coarseness making the texture of the leather vary slightly. When the hide is then cut into pieces, the variations become more obvious after being sewn together. This will not change the functionality or feel of your skating experience.