Anticlique Vol. 8 Winter '18


Anticlique Vol. 8 Winter '18 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This Fall Anti Clique went on a Central America Tour through Colombia and Costa Rica along with the Moxi roller skaters Michelle @estrojen and Dita @mrs_muertos, check out full coverage of the best skaters out there in our spread.

Concrete Jungle, the most unique spots hidden behind the woods of this world.

The Pink Motel, our 2 year anniversary party with all the skaters that were there and supporting since day 1.

Olivia Wardlow, the amazing teenager that has been taking pool lessons seriously and always getting straight A’s.

Nevermind, our introduction of Kevin Bouffard @ghostbehindthelens… The newest photographer added to Anti Clique’s team, shows us his amazing work by shooting the girls at this awesome bar in Barcelona during Skate Love week.

Roller Con, full coverage of the first ever introduction of Skate Ramps to the largest Roller Skating Convention in the planet, and an interview with Trish and Ivanna, the creators and holders of this amazing event.

Goldy Grind, Australias event with great words by Samantha Trayhurn @marmaladeslam

California Fresh Air, Jonathan Elliot @jpr_01 and Barbara Luciana @barbia.patin tour through Southern California’s airing likeminded locations.

From My Thighs to Yours, Courtney Shove spreading the most rad body positive message