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Kenyatta j.

Cash App + Venmo: @simplygvo

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missy + icebox

Icebox's Venmo: @Rachelle-Mitchell-89

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Jacqy Law

Venmo: @jacqylaw

"Creating art provides stability in more ways than just the physical but a mental sense as well. Art is and always will be an expression, creating Art allows me to free my mind of its endless flow of thoughts, into something that can be connected with and shared with the world. "

- Missy and Icebox, Two Tias Skate

"I consider my art to be a journey that will never end. Driven by curiosity, collaboration, and constant exploration, I will always be in a place where I am pushing boundaries, creating, and evolving. I’d like to be part of a process of getting more feminine energy out in the world. This isn’t because I think that women are better than 40men, but rather I believe it’s essential to show under-represented perspectives. As a female minority, I hope to leave my mark on my community. It’s also important for me to give back to that community. If I could choose my destiny, I would like to help other under-resourced, budding artists. I’m not yet sure what that might look like, but this is something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time."

- Jacqy Law

"I dream for my art is simply to inspire, motivate, and/or help others "tune in" to a deeper, more conscious mindset. Candles are subtle yet powerful accent items that when added to your space, can provide many benefits. Not only do they look pretty and smell good, but the essential oils they contain can actually improve your mood. Over time, I want people to know that when you want to take a moment to cut out society and tune into self, our products are here for you to set the vibe."

- Kenyatta J., Simply G.V.O

Tatiana Hill

Venmo: @tatiana-j-hill

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Kel Cadet-Lyons

Venmo: @shoprkitekt

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Linda La Touche

Venmo: Linda-LaTouche | Cash App: $latouchedesigns

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"Because I like to keep my art reflective of my culture (West Indian), I feel as though each design is an extension of an ancestral story only filtered through me. We are are a dynamic and colorful people, yet deeply rooted in symbolisms that have been passed down. However some of those intricacies can get lost or watered down when left in the hands of mass production. I truly enjoy granting my customers and community a peek inside of my culture while providing a bit of joy for the inside of their bag. "

- Kel Cadet-Lyons, R-KI-TEKT

"My aspirations are simple; I dream for it to continue to inspire me to make beauty and continue to attract those like minded folks also inspired by my aesthetic. Continuing to nurture and develop my skills, I expect my designs to continue to grow and provide a sustainable lifestyle for myself and family as well as my community."

- Linda La Touche, Studio La Touche

"Above all else, art is an escape. It's a moment where I can sit down with myself and bring an idea to life! When I think about it on a deeper level, creating artwork allows me to better represent people that look like me or are under represented in artistic spaces such as illustration. My art reflects people I've met and admired in the skate community that have different body shapes, skin colors, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. When I make illustrations, I hope that someone in the skate community can say 'hey that looks like me!'"

- Tatiana Hill, TatiAnimation

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Cash App: $LatoshaMaddox

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Cash App: $ishopunique

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"Creating art for me is all about representing black women, children and men in bright hopeful or even surreal scenarios that aren’t often enough highlighted throughout the black community. "

- Tosh

"Creating my products gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I am able to take something I envisioned and turn it into a product people want to buy. I always dreamed of taking the traditional bath experience to the next level. So I created products that are one of a kind, made with a unique blend of oils, herbs, and fragrances that give you distinctively relaxing bath experience. Uniquely's bath products leave your skin moisturized without feeling oily."

- Kali, Uniquely Bath


Cash App: $ShamikaC26

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Venmo: @JadasPrints

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Cash App: $alijhae
Paypal: alijhaearts@gmail.com

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"I’ve always loved fashion jewelry. One day I began experimenting and creating my own jewelry. Creating jewelry became my passion. Making jewelry has allowed me to reach a diverse group of women in a creative way. My pieces are created to inspire and uplift all women."

- Shamika, Saharas Essentials

"I feel accomplished when I complete a piece; especially when I am proud of a piece that I have done is when art feels the most rewarding. Art helps me express the creativeness I have always had. It's an outlet at times that makes me calmer. When I create art I know I am building upon a skill that will get even better over time. "

- Jada, Jadas Prints

"When I create art, it makes me feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose in life. I say this because I've been into art since I was in elementary, nothing else makes me feel as alive. What I'm trying to accomplish is releasing good energy from within. I suffer from depression and being able to put together a vibrant piece makes me feel good."

- Alijhaé, Alijhae Arts

Rai Sampson

Cash App: $RaiSampson
Venmo: @Rai-Sampson

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Brittany Barlow

Cash App- $favorbritts

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Cash App - $shaulita

"I hope for my art to bring joy. I hope that it shows little black girls and boys that they are amazing, that they are magic. I want them to see themselves in these dolls and other amazing forms that represent who they are and show them without a doubt that they come from greatness! As for how it transpires over time...I hope that it's consistent, and timeless. "

- Brittany Barlow, Favorbritts Crochet

"I have a passion for creating and giving things my own personal touch. At the beginning of quarantine, I took a stab at customizing my first pair of sneakers. I recognized I wasn't half bad so I took this creative venture and invested in it. I love it and I love how it's reminding me to believe in myself and never be afraid to just start.

- Shaulita, Kicks by Lita

"Creating art gives me an outlet. Most of my hangers take roughly 45 minutes to create. So in those 45 minutes it's just me and the cords. I truly love what I do and it's a bigger win that brings others joy as well. "

- Rai Sampson, Ruby Cascade

Kiana aka Turquoise Deity

Venmo: kianayouwanna

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"My art allows an outlet to communicate my feelings and also provides me with the joy of getting lost for hours in a moment. I create thought provoking art that confronts and challenges racism as well as showcasing Black joy. We really don't see enough of Black people living their lives through an ethereal lens."

- Kim S. Myers, Kimartee Studio

"Creating art is a very satisfying process. It is a favorite pastime of mine. Art is the thing that is a MUST to do each day and a wonderful way of self-expression. I express myself daily in many ways, shapes and forms, whether it was drawing, sewing, jewelry making, candle making, card making, or even creating party favors."

- Cee Harris, Cias Urban Style + SassyDollsDesigns

"Creating art connects who I am & my thoughts to my community. Making art is very therapeutic for me because I sometimes have a hard time communicating how I am feeling. Everything I draw has come from a reflection of my life or the skate community & it feels good to draw it out in a way my mind can think & process it until it the art is done. "

- Kiana aka Turquoise Deity, Kiana You Wanna

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Hasley Joseph

Venmo: @hasley-joseph

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Ciara Bourne

TikTok/Instagram: @ciaradesignstudio
Venmo: @ciarabourne
CashApp: $ciaradesign

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"Creating art does not only benefit my personal mental health, but it is also a way of connecting to my community and the people who see it. Because art has a way of communicating across language and cultural barriers, it sends a message that words often cannot. I love that art has the power to influence action and inspire."

- Ciara Bourne, Ciara Design Shop

"Creating enhances my mood and gives me a sense of fulfillment! I like to use fashion to enhance or express my mood and paint a sentiment. When I create clothes and accessories, whatever I am feeling and a little bit of who I am, is stitched into each of my creations. I strive to create something that people can wear to express themselves/ vibe, and feel comfortable in! "

- Hasley Joseph, Reap What You Sew Crafts

Tye Jiles

Cash App $tyejiles

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Uzo Ngwu

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Jessica Little

Venmo: @jessicalynnlittle
Cash App: $jessicalynnlittle

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"Even though creating art is part of my job as a freelancer, it's also what I do in my free time. Being an artist allows me to imagine things that don't already exist. For example, if I don't see the representation I want in art and media, I can create the representation I want. In addition, I love all stages of the art making process from capturing the form in a sketch, to refining the lines, to coloring the whole piece. Creating art always has and always will bring me joy."

- Uzo Ngwu, Uzo The Artist

"It is a way for to express who I am and what I love. I am an introvert so I'm in my head a lot and creating helps me to release the way I see the world. My art is a reflection of the people I love, people I've encountered, and people I've never even met. I think I am accomplishing a sense of community. The world is crazy and I create art to bring a sense of life, color, and peace. That's why I chose the process of making intricate collage style backgrounds. I wanted to stand out in a way that let's people know I am here to tell a story about being. A story of understanding who we are as a culture. I choose to show the beautiful side of us because we are not all the same but we have somethings in common."

- Tye Jiles, Sag Moon Paper Co

"My dream is that people who wear my art can find within themselves the confidence to be the person they were always meant to be. I strongly believe you are allowed to be unapologetic in your identity. No one else gets to tell you who you are, what you could be, or how much you can achieve."

- Jessica Little, Jess A Little Shop

Kierra Bussey

Cash App: $igniteyourpeace

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Courtney Shove

Venmo: fatgirlhasmoxi
Ko-fi: fatgirlhasmoxi
  Patreon: Fat Girl Has Moxi

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"Ignite Your Peace was created to compel your inner light to a full force of purpose. Each time I craft an Ignite Your Peace candle, I transcend to a place of peace. It is the perfect creative outlet for me to express my gifts. "

- Kierra Bussey, Ignite Your Peace

"When I am creating, it is the only time I feel totally free. Being able to see in my hand what I saw in my head, continues to be one of my greatest accomplishments."

- Stay, Stay and Marie

"Creating art allows me to give representation to people in the skate community who don't to often have a spotlight on them. When I paint, I bare my soul, but on my prints and stickers it's all punk rock skater femmes. "

- Courtney Shove, Fat Girl Has Moxi

Alexis Rose

Cash app $ellebrands | Venmo @ellebrands
Paypal | alexis@ellebrands.com

Dawn Merritt

Cash App: $GritDown
Venmo: Dawn Merritt

Erica Lasan

Cash App: $EricaLasan
Venmo: @Erica-Lasan

"I'd love to see my designs all over the world. I'd love to have a store one day where other makers can come and sell there items to gain more exposure. "

- Alexis Rose, Elle Brands

"Creating art from concept to the finished product feeds my soul and recharges my happiness. Art allows me to share my authentic self while creating an experience that others can relate to."

- Dawn, Art Dawning

"Creating art amplifies my JOY. As a multi-passionate creative, art goes beyond self-expression – creating art is how I show up in service to the world– making it a more intentional and joyful place.
Over the years, whether it has been making jewelry, hosting/producing shows, designing
t-shirts, or developing my online curriculums – following my love for creating art has never steered me wrong. Pursuing this obsession with creativity is actually what led my to my life's purpose as a JOY Strategist! In this role I'm able to use ALL of my creative outlets, gifts, and talents to help others discover, strategize, and creatively execute their dreams/goals with JOY (even on a tight budget!)
Through this process of creating in JOY, I'm healing the world and transforming it though RADICAL JOY and purpose – one person at a time!

- Erica Lasan, The Joy Quest

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember you have within you the strength,
the patience and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.”

- Harriet Tubman