Thunder Thigh Shorty Shorts


These shorts are made for the roller skater, designed by the roller skater! 

Fit model Courtney Shove and big booty Estro Jen desire shorts that fit the whole roller skating community who wishes to show their beautiful selves to the world! It's no secret that roller skates are powered by the thighs and buns and require clothing that is comfortable and mobile. That's why we exposed the thigh, brought them high up around the waist, and down lower in the back. They stretch two sizes so take your best guess between sizes C through I using our size chart. 

Bodies are beautiful in every shape and size that they come which is why we make them in 7 very forgiving sizes. Re-engineering the way we match our bodies to any standard while choosing a size is a process, so we labeled them in our own alphabet size beside the standard XS-XL system too so we can grow together for a fully inclusive apparel line.

Handmade with love in Huntington Beach, CA