michelle estro jen steilen

Mom used to say to Lolly and me, 'Always make sure that whatever you choose to do in life, be passionate about what it is that you are doing. Find out what it is that you truly love to do, stay focused and determined and happiness will always fall at your feet.' And she was right. Feeling most confident and courageous on my roller skates, I knew that my mission was to spread my love for roller skating through all that I do.

Traditionally roller skates are made in black for boys and white for girls but I wanted fashion on wheels by putting a colourful spin on a fun, American pastime.

Moxi Roller Skates is my small contribution to the revival of the simplest, most fun way to stay in shape. And now, they've never looked so cute! Stake your destination, lace 'em up and don't forget your tunes! Get ready to enjoy boundless hours of blissful freedom, outdoors on wheels!"

With love and Moxi to All that Roll,

Michelle Steilen aka Estro Jen

moxie skates