Lolly/Jack skates: We have received word that the wait time could be up to 10-14 weeks now. Unfortunately, the best estimate we were given initially when the factory was reopening on May 4th was 4-6 weeks but that proved to be overly optimistic. Every time our supplier has changed the ETA, we have done our best to proactively communicate this to all of you. We sincerely apologize for these long wait times, but the combination of the pandemic’s shutdown and the huge rise in popularity of roller skates during that time has made it very hard for our manufacturer to keep up with! All of the Lolly and Jack skates are handmade with love here in the USA, and we want to make sure each one meets a high standard of quality. We have actually gone so far as to open a new factory in efforts to pick up production and get these skates shipped out as quickly as possible! The new factory is working on increasing their manufacturing rates right now and should help to bring down our ETA's over the coming months.

Beach Bunny/Panther/Jungle: Unless you have previously been advised otherwise, most orders will begin getting fulfilled in August or October. These skate models are imported from overseas and there are containers scheduled to arrive starting as early as August, but many skates will have to wait for the next shipment in October depending on when your order was placed. 

Accessories (wheels, pads, etc): The delivery of these items come from various suppliers who themselves are facing shortages for components needed to assemble them due to complications from the pandemic. We are receiving shipments of these items periodically and the ETA will vary depending on the product. Please rest assured that we are shipping them out as soon as they become available.