Backorder Statuses

Hey Skaters! We are so excited for this increase in roller skating and all the new roller skaters it is creating! We realize this brings a lot of new customers to our site who are looking for this new thrill on wheels and while you wait for them to arrive, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about our skates :)  


  • Our Lolly and Jack skate models are domestically made in the USA in Red Wing, Minnesota by Riedell Shoes, INC.
  • Skates that are made at Riedell are made by hand and go through 85 stations before completion.
  • They are sent through the assembly line in batches of 6 of the same color and size. More popular colors and sizes will come through production more frequently. 
  • When it is time for attaching, the skates are mixed up again according to what components and colored wheels they are getting.
  • The time it takes for your skates to ship from Long Beach CA or Red Wing MN varies slightly according to where your skates are being shipped to.
  • The production time to produce a pair of skates is typically around 4 weeks. In October 2019 we ramped up production to have Lolly skates in stock forever without a waiting period :D until COVID19 hit :( which made Riedells factory close for over a month. This factory is NOT the only one that closed. Many of the factories that they purchase materials from also closed and reopened with delays in production. 
  • Due to a high volume of not expected orders that came in during the shutdown, the factory was overly optimistic on their ETA’s which were pushed back once they realized the volume of orders that had come in from all of their wholesale accounts. 
  • The current ETA’s for our Lolly and Jack Roller Skates is still 10-14 weeks from your order date but we are seeing that they are being shipped around 12 weeks at this current time. 

Beach Bunny/Panther/Jungle

  • Beach Bunnies, Panthers and Jungle skates are all imported models that are made in Cambodia.
  • These come off a boat in the thousands. We open pre-orders before they arrive.
  • More popular colors and sizes will sell out sooner than others and be pushed to another shipment if not purchased in time, which may explain inconsistent ETA’s for the same skate. 
  • Come end of October we should be all caught up on all backordered Beach Bunny skates.
  • We have experienced delays in overseas shipments at the docks due to COVID19 and the increased security measures that must be taken to prevent it spreading.
  • Turning off lolly and jack pre-orders on will not eliminate the wait or backorder of our skates as other wholesalers will still be able to place Moxi orders with Riedell.
  • Riedell has opened a second factory where they will be making more Lolly and Jack Roller Skates to keep up with this new demand, which is at a record high in roller skate history.
  • We are taking our own steps to move into our own warehouse where we will be able to stock our own inventory so that we can supply skates to our customers faster without the long wait and *hopefully* always have skates stocked and available to ship to you.
  • Even though we are growing into a larger business very fast, we assure you that we are listening to our customers. We are skaters like you and what YOU want, WE want, too. We have heard the need for a more affordable skate and we are excited to bring you one this Holiday Season.

We are committed to serving our customers and we are so sorry that some of your first experiences with us have been one that we are not the most proud of. We are making the improvements to be able to supply skates to everyone faster along with meeting the safety guidelines for this pandemic that we are currently in. We would have never expected that it would take a pandemic for the world to want to get on wheels but we are so excited that it is happening and while it caught us off guard, we have learned so much in this short amount of time and can't wait to show you the company we really are. Thank you endlessly for your support and patience during this growing time.


<3 The Staff at Moxi Roller Skates