Lolly Boots Mismatch
Lolly Boots Mismatch
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Lolly Boots Mismatch

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Our most popular model, the Lolly boot, comes available in 9 shades of suede; Poppy Red, Strawberry Pink, Fuchsia, Clementine, Pineapple, Floss Mint, Honeydew, Empty Pool Blue, Taffy Purple and Fuchsia. 

 You can order a mismatched set, made to order, for $100. extra. Since they are made by hand, they will ship between 4 and 6 weeks after you place your order online. 

*To choose your combination, email your preferences to

You can upgrade your Jack Boot to any of the 9 Moxi colors for $100. extra, just select the color you want above.

THIS IS THE CUSTOM CHARGE ONLY-  if you want to order custom boots or custom skates, you will need to also purchase the stock option for what you want changed, at checkout for your order to be processed. Ie, if you wanted a Left FLOSS and a Right FUCHSIA boot combination attached to wheels and plates as a package, you would purchase the package first and add this custom charge as a 2nd purchase.