The Holythanes - Black (Classic 53mm/97A)


About the maker:
Last Supper is a WOC/Queer/Skater-owned roller skate wheel company dedicated to creating top-quality wheels and products for the community we love. Our wheels are skateboard-inspired but made specifically with roller skaters' needs in mind. We kicked off our first year by introducing our Holy Grail series which includes our first two shapes and sizes in a 99a durometer, give us a try we know you’ll love them.


  • Size: 53MM
  • Hardness (Duro): 97 Duro
  • Formula: Holythane, our street performance urethane.
  • Riding Surface: 17.1mm
  • Classic Shape: Round with a smaller riding surface which creates less friction & has better agility.
  • Stoneground Finish: our rough surface finish mimics the rough road which gives you less resistance.
  • Flat Spot Resistant.
  • Best suited for: Technical/Street Skaters, those seeking agility and rough surfaces.
  • Fits 3in trucks and under. Best suited for 2.5 Trucks and under (narrow trucks).

 Sold in a pack of 4 wheels. You will need 2 packs for roller skates. (8 Wheels)