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Make sure you're ready for the ride

Put on your desired protective gear

This step's not required, but definitely encouraged! Having protective gear saves lives and limbs whether you're a beginner or pro.

1: lace your skates

Lace your skates where your ankles are supported, but not too tight so there's room for comfortable movement.
Make sure your heel is the supported well by tightening the laces right before the lace hooks.
The rest of your laces should be gently secured and adjusted to be looser if any cramping is experienced.

2: Adjust your wheels

All skates need their wheels loosened when unboxing them for the first time.
Make sure your wheels are loose enough to roll, but not so lose they rattle.
Check out our Vice Versa Universal Skate Tool for tightening on the go!

Vice Versa Universal Skate Tool - Teal
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3: Adjust your toe stops

Adjust your toe stops to your desired height and tighten it as much as possible!

Check often to ensure they're not getting loose while skating.

Switch your toe stops between sessions to ensure that they are worn down equally.

Please be advised: Forgetting to switch your toe stops for even wearing causes a drastic shift in toe angle when you finally choose to alternate them from your dominant braking foot to your non-dominant braking foot. Try not to forget this step as toe stops are something we rely on for braking, tricks, and saving ourselves from falls.

4: Adjust your Trucks

All skates need their trucks loosened slightly after unboxing.
Many skaters tend to familiarize themselves with their skates before loosening their trucks further. Looser trucks equal more versatile movement 👍 But you should also be aware that loosening them TOO much can cause the trucks to wobble if you are going down a hill. Just remember to take it slow!

5: Skate on!

The rest is all you! 😁

We'd love for you to join our 202FUN!

Use hashtags such as #moxiskatedaily or #365daysofskate.
If you're participating in #365daysofskate, use the following hashtag to go with the number day of skating you're on: #202funday1, #202funday2, #202funday3.... #202funday126 and so on. 😁

Watch the video in the 202FUN slider for more information!

YES! Your skates are here!

Here are some videos to help make a smooth roll!

Oh right...
how to stop!


Safe is sexy!

Shove wearing the moxi pads thick set

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we all need a helmet!

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Kiana wearing their blue leopard helmet.


Parts of your Skate

Click the image to get redirected to the skate part you're looking for if we have it in our store!

  Ready to roll out?

Here are some tutorials and tips for dance, street, or park skating.

  • Dance
  • Street
  • Park

Compare and contrast Different PArts

  • Wheels
  • Plates

Moxi Gummy and Juicy
(Various Colors)

A great beginner wheel! Its width provides stability and its softness creates a super smooth ride on any surface. Would not recommend for skate parks.

Moxi Trick Wheels

A precise hard wheel great for technical skating, especially dancing. This wheel can be used indoors or outdoors on smooth flat surfaces. May have some slip on very smooth surfaces especially transition.

  • Wheel Size: 59mm (Green) or 57mm (Tan)

Moxi Fundae Wheels
(Various Colors)

Our most agile and multi-purpose wheel. This wheel can be used in the streets for an experienced skater and in the parks for anyone, especially on slick concrete and and wood transitions.

Indoor (Riva) Wheels

These are indoor wheels that come stock when you select an indoor wheel when building an "Indoor Lolly Complete" skate. They are a mid-range of hard and soft, perfect for the rink or most indoor surfaces!

Estro Jen Bowl Bombers

RollerBones X Michelle Steilen wheels for the skatepark come in 4 colors per box; 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 blue, and 1 purple. These wheels are hard and most satisfying to use for roller skating at the skatepark on concrete OR wood.


Entry level plate. Lightweight and durable. Good value. Toe stop requires a nut and washer which should be checked before and throughout skating.

Reactor Fuse

Beginner to intermediate plate. Lightweight. Recommended to be used with wheels that have a diameter of 62 mm or smaller.

Reactor Neo

Beginner to advanced plate. Ultra lightweight, durable and rigid. Best all around plate and value.

Reactor Pro

Intermediate to advanced plate. The fine-thread steel adjustable pivot arms require precise adjustment and additional knowledge and maintenance.

Arius Platinum

Advanced plate. There are no kingpins and traditional bushing but butterfly bushings that require no adjustment. Truck action may take a little getting used to.