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Customer reviews

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to be a Moxi customer. From the second you place your order to the moment you put the skates on your feet it’s absolutely perfect. The customer support team is friendly, helpful, & will go above & beyond to make sure you’re thrilled with your purchase. The skates themselves are just as gorgeous & show stopping as they are durable & comfortable! It is abundantly clear that each Moxi skate is made with genuine care & a deep love for skating. When people ask where I got my skates (which they do, all the time) I’m proud to say they’re Moxi! 

Taylor Morgan

I really love my skates and the team. I’ve struggled my whole life to find a passion that I truly love, and I’ve found that roller skating is it! And these skates only make my life better! They are comfortable and pretty. And they are made ethically! Overall would totally recommend to anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a long time skater 

Annika C.

I've had my skates for about a month and I love them so much. I love how its made with  suede and I love how all the colors look, which made it very hard to decide the color. But ended up getting fuchsia. I almost forgot, the inside lining fabric, just makes the Moxi skates much sexier and unique. Eventually, I will get the Jacks but will enjoy the Lolllys and have fun wearing them and wearing them out.

Monica Yosick

 I got the lolly skates in the color poppy for Christmas and I am in love! They are such amazing quality and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are so cute. I always get compliments on them. Before I found Moxi, I had no interest in roller skating because I thought I couldn't do it. I saw the skates and fell in love and just knew that I needed them. And because they are so cute and comfortable I want to skate everyday.

Lauren Tucker

A few weeks ago I ordered the Moxi Lolly’s In Poppy Red! I watched Pigeon’s video unboxing your skates for the first time, super helpful in learning how to lace them like a Moxi skater, and loosening and tightening your wheels and your trucks! I skate around my living room a lot when I don’t have time to go outside, and the wheels mine came with are great on hardwood floor. They are outdoor wheels, so when I learned how to skate outside on concrete it was a fairly easy transition with a few falls. They are SO comfortable, my feet haven’t hurt from wearing them once, and I have no bruises from them! Learning to roller skate is something I was really excited about and willing to put the time into, so the price point was not a deal breaker for me. I truly think they’re worth it, and I can’t wait to get more skates and accessories!


I’ve always liked the idea of quad skates, but this spring I became absolutely INFATUATED with them after stumbling upon videos of the Moxi Skate Team. I went to a rollerskate shop, and tried on a few cheaper pairs. I was hesitant to try on the Moxi’s because of the price, but the SECOND I put them on - I was hooked. The price is a bit scary but has proven to be SO worth it. They are incredibly comfortable, there is no adjustment period to your foot, they just fit to it perfectly. I have a bad ankle so the high boot really helps support it and I haven’t had problems with it while skating. Don’t even get me started on the gorgeous colour of the Poppy red boots! I was and continue to be completely blown away by these amazing skates, not to mention the fact that they are HANDMADE in the States! It is clear in the quality. Thank you Moxi & Estrojen for creating such an amazing product and allowing me to be a part of this community

Veronica Swan