Wheels Buying Guide

Need help deciding on what wheels to roll with? Here is a simple breakdown of what wheels we carry and where you can use them best:

 Moxi Gummy and Juicy

Wheel ClementineWheel Sea Foam
These are our Classic wheels, they are softer wheels meant to absorb more of your surroundings. Best use for outdoors & boardwalks!

Moxi Trick Wheels

moxi_trick_greenMoxi trick tan
These are our Moxi Trick wheels, best for park skating! harder wheel, meant to give you speed and versatility at the park!

 Moxi Fundae Wheels

fundae variety
These are great combo wheels, you can take these outside and inside! They skate smooth on most surfaces!

Indoor (Riva) Wheels 

riva wheels 
These are indoor wheels that come stock when you select an indoor wheel when building an "Indoor Lolly Complete" skate. They are a mid-range of hard and soft, perfect for the rink or most indoor surfaces!