Wheels buying guide

Need help deciding on what wheels to roll with? Here is a simple breakdown of what wheels we carry and where you can use them best:

Moxi Gummy and Juicy

A great beginner wheel! Its width provides stability and its softness creates a super smooth ride on any surface. Would not recommend for skate parks.

Gummy Lavender

Gummy Pineapple

Gummy Pink

Gummy Sea Foam

Juicy Cherry Stain

Juicy Pink Frost

Gummy Clementine

Gummy Honeydew

Juicy Smoke

Radar Energy Wheels

The Radar Energy Wheels feature the finest outdoor urethane available for outdoor skating. The wheel is designed to glide smoothly over rough surfaces and small debris. Energy wheels are great for distance skating down beach strands, bike paths, and the streets in your town.

  • - Wheel Size: 57mm or 62mm
  • - Hardness: 78A (see our video on hardness for explanation)

Aqua (57mm)

Pink (57mm)

Purple (57mm)

Red (57mm)

Teal (62mm)

White (62mm)

Donut Sprinkle (62mm)

Rainbow Rider Wheels

These are the standard wheels that come with the Rainbow Rider, also available as aftermarket replacements here.

- Size: 58mm
- Hardness: 82A

Moxi Fundae Wheels

Our most agile and multi-purpose wheel. This wheel can be used in the streets for an experienced skater and in the parks for anyone, especially on slick concrete and and wood transitions.

- Wheel Size: 57mm
- Hardness: 92A

Bubble Gum (Pink)

Estro Jen Bowl Bombers

RollerBones X Michelle Steilen wheels for the skatepark come in 4 colors per box: 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 blue, and 1 purple. These wheels are hard and most satisfying to use for roller skating at the skatepark on concrete OR wood.

- Sizes: 57mm and 62mm
- Hardness: 101A

Radar Riva (Indoor) Wheels

These are indoor wheels that come stock when you select an indoor wheel when building an "Indoor Lolly Complete" skate. They are a mid-range of hard and soft, perfect for the rink or most indoor surfaces!

Moxi Trick Wheels

A precise hard wheel great for technical skating, especially dancing. This wheel can be used indoors or outdoors on smooth flat surfaces. May have some slip on very smooth surfaces especially transition.

  • - Wheel Size: 59mm (Green) or 57mm (Tan)
  • - Hardness: 97A