Plates Buying Guide

Looking to upgrade to a different plate? Here is a simple breakdown of what plates we carry and where you can use them best:


Grab your favorite skates and roll into the rainbow with the Sunlite plate. Durable, lightweight, and available in an array of colors to create a custom setup as unique as you.

The patented "V" bracing design gives these plates optimum strength, while the nylon material makes them 40% lighter than conventional aluminum plates.

sunlite plate in black, orange, purple, teal, red, yellow, pink


Entry level plate. Lightweight and durable. Good value. Toe stop requires a nut and washer which should be checked before and throughout skating.

Reactor Fuse


Beginner to intermediate plate. Lightweight. Recommended to be used with wheels that have a diameter of 62 mm or smaller.

Reactor Neo


Beginner to advanced plate. Ultra lightweight, durable and rigid. Best all around plate and value.

Reactor Pro


Intermediate to advanced plate. The fine-thread steel adjustable pivot arms require precise adjustment and additional knowledge and maintenance.

Arius Platinum


Advanced plate. There are no kingpins and traditional bushing but butterfly bushings that require no adjustment. Truck action may take a little getting used to.