Jack 2 FAQ's

What makes Jack 2 different from the original Jack?

The main difference in the Jack 2 is that there is additional ankle support built into the boot through the use of added padding. The Jack 2 is also distinguished by a black "backstay" (the piece of leather on the back of the boot) which gives it a unique and fresh style!

Note: Because of the added support, the break-in time for Jack 2 is longer than Jack 1. You can expect Jack 2 to take 20+ hours of skating to break in.

Why are some colors more expensive?

There are 4 colors that are considered "standard options": Black suede, Lilac suede, True Blue suede, and White vegan. Colors outside of these 4 are considered "specials". There is an added fee for these colors because they require special production and leather has to be cut in smaller batches for these skates, which adds to the cost because it is outside the normal production batches.

Why are some sizes more expensive?

The reason for this is similar to the above. Sizes outside of the standard options require special production methods. Standard sizes for Jack 2 are:

  • Sizes 4-13 (including half sizes) in Black suede
  • Sizes 4-10 (including half sizes) in Lilac suede, True Blue suede, and White vegan leather

Is the fit of the Jack 2 different from the original Jack?

Nope! The Jack 2 is built on the same sizing scale as the previous Jack model. The Jack 2 might feel smaller at first because of the added padding, but over time it will break in and should fit the same as the original Jack model.

The options I want aren't listed, what should I do?

No worries! Reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to help you place your orders. Some options like custom widths, banana cream lining, etc, require additional work to make the order so we are handling those orders via email for now.