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moxi roller skate camp for kids
West dates
Week 6: July 9 - 15
Moxi Week 7: July 16 - 22
East dates
Moxi Week 9: July 30 - Aug 5th
Week 10: Aug 6 -12

  • Woodward launches an all-new Roller Skating program for Summer 2023 for ages 7 - 17.

  • Moxi is partnering with Woodward to give young roller skaters the best week of the summer with specialized coaches & VIPs, unique activities, progressive programming, and all-new facilities focused on progression in skills.

    Take a look into Woodward with this video from the 18+ Moxi Skate Camp at Woodward West.


Question: What is the age range for the event?
Answer: Ages 7-17

Question: Is there a discount for siblings?
Answer: We DO have a sibling discount of $100 off!

Question: Is there a group rate?
Answer: We have a groups & teams program at both PA & West. If 10 campers want to attend together as a group,they will all receive $100 off with additional perks/experiences as the group gets larger. This can be 10 friends, a group from a rink/park, etc. See link for details:

Parents Policy
Parents are only allowed on campus during pick-up and drop-off.
We have a Parent Program, where parents can apply for positions and be on-site during summer camp
Some of these positions include:

  • Drivers/Transportation
  • Cabin Counselors aka Cabin Moms & Dads
  • Nurses

Link to apply is found here: