Boot Bananas


We know you love your skates, and you love them hard. But you probably don't love the smells that sometimes linger behind...and that's why we are all going BANANAS for Boot Bananas®!

Using natural ingredients and a 100% cotton "skin", they remove odor and excess moisture leaving your skates smelling (and feeling) fresh!  These also make the perfect gift for any athlete which all of their family and friends are sure to appreciate 😉

Features & Benefits

  • Triple-action active ingredients – Odor neutralizing, moisture absorbent, and odor prevention. For fresh smelling and feeling footwear every day.
  • Eco-conscious design, the cotton outer skin is biodegradable and has active ingredients comprising only high-quality salts, minerals, and plant extracts.
  • Highly effective and long-lasting – an average deodorizing lifespan of 6 to 12 months with proper care. Designed to work on even the most offensive-smelling footwear.
  • Particularly effective for barefoot shoes worn without socks.

Usage Instructions

Place the bananas in footwear when not in use for. For optimum performance use
as part of a good shoe care routine. Works best with new shoes to prevent odor
developing from the start but also will work miracles on even the stinkiest shoes or boots.

Banana Care

As with all things you will get the most from your Boot Bananas® Original Shoe Deodorizers if you take good care of them.

Dry out your Original Shoe Deodorizers from time to time to extend lifespan. If you have had a hard training session and the bananas absorb a lot of foot sweat, hang the bananas up to recharge in a dry room, in the sun or next to a radiator or boiler. Everyone sweats different amounts and so it varies from person to person, but we recommend doing this approximately every 1 to 2 weeks when used regularly with sweaty shoes or boots. If forgetful or training and sweating like beast 7 days a week, have 2 pairs on rotation so one always gets a chance to dry.

Do not expose your Boot Bananas® Original Shoe Deodorizers to excess moisture. Always dry wet footwear first before use. This product is not a boot dryer and should not be used as one. It is an effective deodorizer that will also help to remove limited moisture like stubborn hard to reach sweat trapped at the end of the toe box of footwear, ensuring barefoot shoes are fresh and comfortable to wear day after day.

If accidentally exposed to excess moisture dry the bananas thoroughly as soon as possible.

You can store your Original Shoe Deodorizers in the reusable zip lock packaging when not in use, but make sure they are dry before doing so.

How Ripe?

Cotton is a wonderfully breathable fabric that allows the active ingredients to absorb moisture and neutralize odor. It is however prone to discolor and your Boot Bananas® Original Shoe Deodorizers may turn brown over time especially with high frequency use with sweaty, damp footwear. There may also be some whitening with the color change, this is from salt transfer from the active ingredients and will not effect performance.

The product will remain effective even when discolored, but you can use this transformation to gauge how ripe your bananas are! This indicates how much moisture has been absorbed, so if they are going brown quickly within the first months, then more drying time of either footwear or the bananas is needed to maintain performance.

We recommend that Boot Bananas® Original Shoe Deodorizers are replaced every 6 – 12 months or when they stop effectively neutralizing odor. If you do not care for your bananas they may not last as long.


  • This product is for functional use only and is not a toy.
  • Non-Edible. Keep away from children and pets.
  • Carabiner clip non-load bearing.
  • May contain sharp lavender stems.
  • Do not leave in footwear during long-term storage.
  • Please retain information for future use.

Customer Reviews

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Totally worth it! My partner’s feet smell AWFUL when she gets off work so I got these for her shoes rather than my skates. The bananas are bona fide magic.