Defiant Upgrades Colored Axle Nuts


Colored axle nuts can complete your monochromatic look or color scheme. Set of (10) 8MM custom fade-resistant electroplated steel with nylon insert axle nuts for roller skates, quad skates, and derby skates. Why do we include (10) when you only need 8? In short, accidents happen and small parts easily get lost. So it's always best to have a couple of spares.

The same quality as the original steel nyloc nuts that came on your skates, but available in custom colors.

Add a pop of color to personalize your gear.

Due to variations in color settings and qualities of phone/tablet/computer screens, it is unavoidable that colors will appear differently for everyone. The colors in photos and named descriptors (e.g. "blue", "gold", "green", etc) are subjective, approximate, and may vary.