Criss Cross x Derby Laces


Why pick just one color when you can mix them all together!

Criss Cross laces make that possible with endless color combinations and possibilities for self-expression. In collaboration with Derby Laces, a leader in high-quality skate laces, the new Criss Cross laces are created using superior and durable fibers that are wax infused to help increase strength and ensure your laces stay tied, tight, and where you want them while skating. Durable molded tips help in the ease of lacing up your boots.


  • Performance wax infused
  • Braided flat lace made of high tenacity yarns
  • Molded tips out of the lace material itself, meaning no plastic or metal bits to peel off or break
  • Available lengths: 90” (229 cm) and 108” (274 cm)
  • Width: 10 mm

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