What! Trucks? FAQ

What's the story? Why is Moxi selling What?! Trucks?

Moxiskates.com is selling the What?! Trucks because we saw an increased demand from ramp skaters for hangers that fit the width of coping for grinding on. In an effort to keep ramp skating on roller skates going, we had to get creative and figure out a way to grind without breaking anything, and this is the best solution that we have today, after trying the other alternatives.

Why would a roller skater want wide trucks?

While wide trucks take away from agility, wide trucks offer added stability, especially when skating bigger bowls. Additionally, they allow you to lock onto coping with your trucks for longer and stronger grinds!

Does Moxi make these trucks?

Moxiskates.com sourced these trucks. These are not a Moxi product, however they have been tested on Moxi skates, and are enhanced with more color options by our staff.

What is Chassis and why does it matter?

A chassis is everything in between the wheels and the boot. It is the 'base' or what connects the shoe to the wheels and it's important because roller skating would be impossible without it!

Is it normal for roller skaters to use skateboard trucks?

Since the first inception of gliding on wheels, whether it be on a board or shoes, roller skaters and skateboarders have been repurposing and retrofitting each other's components since they are so similar. For example, 8 mm axles, same bearings, the way the base plate/truck/pin function, the places and uses for them, etc.

Fun fact: The first skateboard was invented by surfers who broke apart a roller skate and mounted it onto a plank of wood.

What degree kingpin do these fit on?

Kingpin degree will not determine a proper fit of the What?! Trucks since the size of the bushings and pivot cups and how you adjust the components on the kingpin contribute significantly to fit.

Would you recommend aggressive skaters to skate on nylon plates?

The Sunlite nylon plates are strong. Some of our most talented skaters have long tested and prefer them over other plates. However, when aggressive skating, nylon plates as well as metal plates can potentially break. This is a risk that comes with this style of skating.

Can we buy these wholesale?

These are a limited time product available only to satisfy the demand while supply chains are quoting lead times of up to 24 months for orders. Look out for more products like these for years to come!

Why don't they fit everything?

Because these are skateboard trucks, they are not compatible with all roller skate plates. The pivot arm is larger in diameter and does not sit into the pivot hole for every plate. Additionally, hangers, kingpin angles, and cushion sizes all vary from company to company which makes it really difficult to use branded or even skate model chassis components on a setup.

What's the difference between these and other wide trucks?

We have found these to be stronger.

What is the skater profile of someone who would benefit from these trucks?

These are for advanced skaters who know how to stall on blocks and are ready to grind!

After reading the warranty, I wonder why you would recommend a truck made for skateboards for roller skates?

It has been tradition in ramp roller skating to build your own custom chassis for your grinding needs and since the 70’s, ramp skaters have used wider skateboard hangers to be able to feel more of the bowl and grind.

If these are a limited edition product, Is Moxi working on creating something that will be a permanent option for skaters who are looking for wide trucks?

Yes, we hope to make trucks someday specifically created for roller skates!