PowerDyne Adjustable Toe Stops (Pair)


The PowerDyne Adjustable Toe Stop features a regular 5/8” bolt with a urethane stop available in black or gray. Sold in pairs. Washer and bolt sold separately.

moxi skates

Please note these toe stops are not compatible with the Rainbow Rider.

Our Rainbow Riders were built with metric threads and not with standard imperial measurements, (US Standard of Measurement) therefore only select brands with short stem metric-sized threads will be compatible with the Rainbow Rider toe stop hub.

We are currently creating a Rainbow Rider replacement kit, which will have a new & improved toe stop set, laces, and toe covers! In the meantime, we suggest using brands that come with metric threads, such as Chaya's Short stem or Roll-line products for replacements. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns! We appreciate your feedback!