PowerDyne Magic Cushions


Please check the compatibility chart to ensure you are ordering the correct type of cushion.

Unique to PowerDyne Magic Cushions is the Power Assist™ formula for total performance. Made from high-quality urethane, Magic Cushions (some people call them "bushings") retain energy and release it when you need it most. Just like shocks on a car, Magic Cushions soak up the imperfections of the surface, keep you connected to the road ahead through enhanced feedback, load up when pressed to the limit, and then release your stored power in a forceful yet predictable manner. Available in multiple colors/hardnesses, they are the most responsive cushions available for your skating skills.

Check out PowerDyne Magic Cushions if you're looking to replace or upgrade the action of your plates. For easy installation and removal, a small amount of lubricant or mild soap is recommended on the inner ring of the cushion that touches the kingpin.


  • Lolly Outdoor Complete
  • Beach Bunny, Panther, Jungle
  • Any customized skate with a Thrust plate
  • Lolly Ramp Rider


  • Any customized skate with a Reactor (Pro or Neo) plate
  • Jack Ramp Rider